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pixx.io simplifies, controls, and connects your photos and media assets with apps and tools.

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Your centralized Tool for Digital Asset Management

pixx.io is the professional software solution for storing, organizing, and managing pictures and media assets. The many features of pixx.io enhance the accessibility of your files – regardless if used on Mac or a PC, as a mobile app, or with other devices.


pixx.io simplifies!

Intuitive access to your pictures and media files

The easy to navigate user interface makes working with your media files effortless. The search and filter functions help you to find desired files quickly. You can also easily convert your files into the perfect format and size for use and application by third parties.


pixx.io controls!

Control management of your files with just 2 clicks

The sharing of your media pool, along with management of user rights gives every user access to the files they need. With the help of license and rights management, you can be sure that your files will only be accessed by those with an approved user license. Using the status and comment feature, media workflow under your instruction can be controlled more effectively.

pixx.io connects!

Direct connection to your existing applications

Digital Asset Management (DAM) software makes access to your media files much easier. The pixx.io API also connects your media pool with programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Id & Ps, your CMS, as well as plenty of other applications. pixx.io ensures optimized access to your photos, graphics, and videos.

Top Features & Benefits

Organizing and sharing pictures

Set up a structured picture portal with just a few clicks and exchange your working material with your colleagues and partners! Therefore, pixx.io is simply designed, easy to understand and helps you to work organized with your media.

Bye bye chaos

It's easy to stay on top of things with pixx.io! With numerous filter and search options you will find your desired file within seconds. Categories, Keywords and Licenses help you to keep your media organized!

pixx.io Apps and Plugins

The pixx.io app gives you mobile access to all your files in the media pool. Numerous Plugins and Add-ins connect your pixx.io media with Third Party Applications.


find your media eight times faster


labour saving in media management


higher use of picture and media pool